Mission Statement:  We, the people of Sacred Heart Parish in Pahoa, are a community of faith. We believe we are called by God to be disciples of Jesus Christ in the Church which we founded. We have been called by God, our Father to praise reverence and service Him in His family. We are support to one another in the salvation of our souls. We do this by Liturgical WORSHIP, Religious EDUCATION, Parish STEWARDSHIP, OUTREACH programs and SOCIAL ACTIVITIES.
Making a Civil Marriage into a Sacramental One

The Catholic Church does not recognize a marriage ceremony of a Catholic before a civil authority or Protestant minister or without proper dispensation, to be a true marriage.  To be valid, the marriage of a Catholic must take place in the presence of a Catholic bishop, priest or deacon.   A Marriage Validation, sometimes referred to as getting your marriage "blessed" or convalidated, fixes the problem of a Catholic in an invalid marriage. 

Catholics married outside the Catholic Church may not receive Holy Communion. The Validation is a true and complete wedding ceremony — the Sacrament of Matrimony.

To have your marriage Validated, see the priest with whom you feel comfortable.  The process does require appropriate marriage preparation.   We can assist, if someone has a previous marriage to petition for petitioning for a declaration of nullity.

A group validation is being planned with the Bishop Larry Silva for next 
February 11, 2017.  If you are interested please contact the parish office soon.

If you are married to a non-Catholic who refuses to participate in a new marriage ceremony in the Catholic Church, please inquire about the possibility of a validation by “radical sanation.”

Thanks to L. Benoit and Patrick Downs and Rev. Father Mark Gantley for the information presented Hawaii Catholic Herald and discussions on validations.